My Manic, Wicked, Favorites!!!

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OK – so I decided it’s about time to start blogging…for real. Not once a quarter because I feel guilty, or a couple three times a year because I’m releasing a new book. Nope — I’m gonna do this every week. There’s lots going on with this thing I call my fledgling romance novelist career, and some of you just might be interested in hearing about it!

And another great reason to blog is I’m taking an awesome class taught by LaTessa Montgomery, and she’s teaching us all about blogging right now. So – here’s my homework!  *grin*

BTW – that little piece about releasing three books a year is not EXACTLY true…but one can hope (and plot, and plan, and plot some more…)   *very big grin*

So — I’m going to bite the bullet and start blogging at least once a week on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday. If I really start to get the hang of it, I might even try blogging twice a week. Here’s a taste of what you can expect!

Manic Monday – this is a good day to tell you all about the things that make me, and probably others, crazy. Now this crazy can be a good crazy, a bad crazy, or a really, truly manic crazy. Hmmm… I’m liking this idea.

Wicked Wednesday – The title says it all. Get ready for a virtual smorgasbord of wickedness of all kinds…good AND bad.  *wink*

Fav Friday – I don’t know about you, but Friday is definitely my favorite day of the week. This will be a good day to share some of my favorite things with everyone.

Be looking for some new stuff from me starting on a nicely manic date – Monday the 13th of February!

To help launch my baby blog, the wickedly fabulous Jenn LeBlanc has graciously agreed to be my first featured author to visit. Jenn, who is both a photographer and author, is famous for her illustrated historical romance series “The Rake And The Recluse.”

So be sure to check back on Wicked Wednesday, February 15th to visit with Jenn and have a chance to win a digital copy of her upcoming release, SUBMISSION!

Until then – all my best to you and have a great Friday-eve!!! (aka Thursday)


10 thoughts on “My Manic, Wicked, Favorites!!!

  1. Hmm… I’ve never thought about starting a clippings file of pics for inspiration. I like it. I may use pinterest to do it, since I’m on the internet way too much. Thanks for the idea.

  2. Thank you Lori! Now you leave me wondering what you and D were discussing. If I can’t manage to get it out of you I’ll have to get it out of him, and believe me…I know how. 😉 Love my muse. Love love love. 🙂


    • Well I’m not gonna tell…I’ll just leave what was said up to your imagination. You’ll make it a lot more interesting than it was! (Though it was interesting!) He’s a great guy! 😉

  3. A very interesting and umm stimulating means for summoning the Muse. I’d never thought of the Muse as coming with fab abs and perfect pecs. Your blog post has indeed been revealing. Bring it on.

    • Yeah…you never know where that muse hides! I love the thought of being able to interact with such a muse – and get great descriptions for my hero at the same time!!! : )

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