Destiny’s Awakening Sweet Excerpt

Maybe if she couldn’t see him…

A finger under her chin raised her face to his. “Look at me.” When she didn’t comply, he used his special tone. “Please,” his voice caressed her. “I must see you.”

It worked. She couldn’t refuse him. Slowly, she opened her eyes and gazed deep into his greenish-gold orbs. Evie was transfixed by their beauty and the allure of promise in his gaze. “You are my savior. The One who rescued me from The Great Sleep.” Once again, he raised his palm to her cheek. “You are the only one in this world who could have accomplished that feat.” His thumb caressed her fiery skin. “You are she who would be my love.” A slight smile touched his lips and turned the corner of his luscious mouth upward. “My life-mate.”

How could she argue with him? Right there, he’d practically pledged himself to her. At some level, she knew he was working her. She let him. What he’d called The Quickening was once again fogging her mind. She could only think of him.

“I apologize for the lies you were told.” The huskiness was colored with frustration and a tinge of anger. “I never would have handled you the way I did had I known.” A note of regret stained his voice. “I understand you are frightened.” He hesitated, then brought his eyes to hers and confessed, “I am too.”

His shattering admission took away the last bit of fight in her. She was done. No man would ever admit such a thing to a stranger. All he had said must be true. She shook her head. It was all so unbelievable. How could he be afraid? He was massive. Magnificent. Majestic. No one would dare mess with him.

A single tear escaped those pooling in her eyes. He caught it with a finger before it traveled too far. She wanted to cry. To give way to the excess of emotion running through her. His calm support kept the huge sobs at bay. Evie drew in a huge gulp of air and filled her lungs with the spicy scent of him. She closed her eyes and savored the fragrance before exhaling. She drew in another and enjoyed his essence again before releasing her breath.

He moved away from her. A rustling of metal on metal tinged the air before his arms returned to pull her close. She laid her head on a chest clothed in a soft, fragrant material. It brought her comfort to press her cheek next to his heart. The feel of its strong beat against her overheated skin reminded her he was alive. Of their own volition, her eager arms encircled his waist and held him close to her.


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