My lifelong love of books has really made me want to experiment with writing my own stories. Have you ever read something that was so good it inspired you to create something just as amazing? Or for that matter something so awful that you just knew you could do better? It’s those extremes that pushed me to write something of my own.

That and someone saying, “I dare ya!” But that’s another story.

Like any true Libra, I can’t make up my mind as to what genre I prefer to write. I play around with a jaunty historical tale. Then, to cleanse my palate, I’ll pen a contemporary romantic comedy. Next, a romantic suspense may lure me in to share secrets. Afterward, I might dip my toe into paranormal waters just to change it up a bit.

Like so many authors, I write what I love to read. And I have a great fondness for all of those genres! Besides, there’s just so many types of books to choose from! I don’t need to decide on writing just one type, do I? If I do, I’ll be missing out on the others! Right?

Ah, well, since I can’t decide, I decided that I’ll be content in making up stories in all those genres that interest me, until the day I make the decision to be a monogamous author…if that day ever comes!

Right now I’m polishing up a paranormal for submission, and am also working on the sequel, the second in a planned trilogy. The paranormal genre is amazing – it’s definitely a favorite of mine. There is just so much you can do when you step outside the known world, and creating a paranormal story allows you to take your characters anywhere your imagination wants to go! The best part? Your readers get to go along for the ride. Now that’s fun!

Historical is another favorite of mine, especially to read. Its those Regency romances I cut my teeth on! I’m quite excited to have started a historical that is so fun to write. The characters are hilarious – they keep me in stitches. I’m looking forward to the time when I can finish that tale and share it with the world.

Speaking of finishing, I need to finish this short bio and get back to work. Living a double life is busy!

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